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All of the lakes offer the angler something different but in essence offer a good days fishing in beautiful surroundings.

Coarse Pool 1

The smallest lake on the complex at only 1/3 of an acre makes up for its size with its character, reminiscent of a farm pond with over hanging shrubs and grasses with its margins fringed in water hawthorn. The stock in here is of a mixed fishery holding carp to 8lb as well as good bream, tench, roach, rudd as well as perch and crucians plenty of fish and good fun for the kids and adults alike.

Coarse Pool 2 and 3

Are both very similar in size and stock levels both are an acre in size and have over hanging alder trees and gunnera as well as beds of rushes and irises. These lakes hold a lot of carp in the 6lb to 15lb range with some up to 23lb as well as the carp, there are Bream up to 8lb Tench to 7lb Roach and Rudd to specimen sizes and good size Perch and Crucians there is also a good head of koi, ghost and grass carp to add a bit of colour to your day with also the odd catfish to over 20lb.

Carp Free Pool 4

This pool was created for all those anglers who are fed up with catching carp. You can tackle up fairly lightly in the knowledge that you will not get broken by double figure carp. The lake is just under an acre in size with a large island planted with over hanging willows and alders, the margins are lined with beds of rushes and irises to give plenty of features to fish to. This is a favourite with beginners as bites are regular and bags of tench and bream often exceed 150lb. The main stock of fish are tench and bream between 1lb and 4lb but fish of both species have been recorded over 8lb. Good roach and rudd to over 2lb with many over 1lb are present with perch running to over 4lb Crucians have been taken to 3lb as well as goldfish to 6lb golden orfe and chub are also present to 4lb and koi are the only carp in here running to 6lb.

lake 1 lake 2

Specimen Lake 1

Each of our specimen lakes have their own character this one at two acres has small leaf lily lining the margins over hanging willows and rushes, this is an ideal water for the stalker in you. The wooded side of the lake gives intimate areas between lilies and snags where as the grass bank offers clearer areas to fish. The lake holds fish to 31lb 2oz and two different 30s have been taken this year with the largest being a fully scaled mirror many of the carp in here are heavily scaled fish and fully scaled mirrors in beautiful condition. There are now 19 different 20s in here with a range of fish from 13lb upwards there are some smaller fish but not in large numbers. This lake also contains Pike up to 25lb with most in the 6lb to 12lb range.

lake 3 lake 4

Specimen Lake 2

Is the smallest of the specimen lakes but holds the biggest rewards with fish caught to 38lb 12oz this one now holds 5 different 30s which have all stayed over 30lb this season and 22 different 20s there are some doubles but not very many. The lake itself is an acre in size containing two islands with large beds of lilies, The five swims on the lake are split with plants to give each swim its own water where no one else can cast, this is a very intimate water with bags of personality.

lake 5 lake 6

Specimen Lake 3

The largest of the lakes at 3 acres this holds carp to 34lb and catfish to 70lb. It has large beds of different coloured irises around its margins as well as big beds of rushes and reeds with overhanging alders splitting the swims up. The stock of carp at the moment is three known 30's, seventeen known 20s and a range of fish from 10lb. The catfish run to 70lb with five different 50's and 8 different 40's as well as others between 20 and 39lb so you know you have a good one when you hook one.

lake 7 Tanyard

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